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Partnering with the International Society for Pediatric Innovation connects you with a unique network of clinicians and leaders unified in advancing pediatric health. They come together for knowledge exchange, the drive regulatory changes, remove barriers and champion the rapid acceleration, accessibility and efficiency of new innovations within hospital systems.

Your sponsorship grants you the opportunity participate in the shared experience at the institutional level with key stakeholders at the local, state, national and international levels.

Reach Clinicians

Reach clinical innovators through our network of over 30 children’s hospitals. Received crowd-sourced feedback from like-minded leaders and gain wider exposure to engage with the medical champions who are boldly changing the landscape of healthcare

Convene Pilots

Help shape the framework for multi-center projects, cross-test new innovations, and accelerate data sharing and transparency among hospitals.


Collaborate to advance technologies with keen insights from pediatric specialists, data experts, patients and parents. Shape innovative solutions to provide the advanced care our children so richly deserve.

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