Quality of care increases with investments in innovation, and innovation has the potential of revolutionizing healthcare, for the benefit of patients and of the whole healthcare system. This is particularly true in the field of pediatrics, as children are the citizens of the future. Though it may overlap with research, innovation has its own methodology, which is under-recognized in healthcare. Patients’ needs, as well as clinical and organizational needs may be addressed with powerful ideas that often remain unexplored.

1. Pursue Ethics in the interest of patients and the community at large
2. Always apply Interdisciplinarity
3. Support Education for a change towards innovation
4. Empower and acknowledge patients (parents) as core team member
5. Foster Data Sharing in innovation initiatives

6. Apply privacy by design
7. Harness Real World Evidence for evaluating digital diagnostics and therapeutics
8. Leverage Communication and Openness for improving awareness
9. Think Global
10. Make innovation Sustainable