Hansa Bhargava

Chief Medical Officer


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Hansa Bhargava

Physician executive with extensive experiences in digital health communications, strategy, audience engagement,innovation.

At WebMD, has worked on digital content strategy, news, engagement using social media/blogs/podcasts. Involved in mapping continuity of care, patient journey with end to end digital solutions. Develop digital products including Pregnancy App, Baby App and symptom checker. Led innovative digital projects including digitally monitoring pregnancy via Apple Research Kit ( partnership with Scripps) and online tools. Publish regularly on mental health, nutrition, parenting and wellness. Worked on partnerships with Sanford Health, AAP, White House, CDC, Jed Foundation, Health Connect South, U Texas.

Mental health wellness is a key area of interest. Authored book on Stress with the American Academy of Pediatrics is slated for publication early 2022; teaching course on Cognitive Based Compassion at Emory University; co-produced a mini documentary on Stress and Burnout with Medscape. Additionally currently working on a digital solutions project for continuity of care in post partum period in partnership with U Texas.

At Medscape Education, produces and helps develop digital CME content for physicians articles,podcasts and a Covid 19 Podcast on Technology Solutions. Interactions with KOL for Digital First report as well as pharma in strategic partnerships and planning for CME conferences are also part of this.

As a thought leader in Innovation, mental health, maternity, pediatrics, she has delivered keynotes on using current digital footprints to elevate data and education to help disparities, opioid addiction, and for mental health. Broadcast includes CNN, NPR; has a weekly segment on Covid19 for Fox KTVU. Keynotes at Peds2040, FDA, GA Tech Innovation Day, Speakerships at the International Congress of Pediatrics, Exponential Med, AAP and Media Visiting Professorship at UMD Medical School in Communications/Media on Screentime and the Urban Parenthood.

In a broader philanthropic role, was on the regional UNICEF Board and currently on the board for the Emory University Global Health Institute and Christopher Wolfe Foundation. Executive member of the Committee on Communications and Media for the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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