Tiffani Ghere

Medical Intelligence and Innovation Program Leadership

CHOC Children's

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Tiffani Ghere

Tiffani has been a part of the CHOC Medical Intelligence and Innovation Institute’s (MI3) core leadership team since 2016. MI3 aims to foster acceleration of medical innovation in pediatrics through education, industry partnerships and technology. She serves as Executive Director for the International Society for Pediatric Innovation (iSPI), which embraces diverse stakeholders from multiple institutions and industry partnerships to drive insightful change in child health through shared information and advanced intelligence.

Prior to joining the MI3 team, she served as the Supervising Clinical Dietitian for CHOC Children’s at Mission as the Clinical Specialist for the Level III NICU as well as the PICU and Peds units. Other projects included CPQCC and NICQ Quality Improvement collaboratives, researching and implementing best practices in Neonatal nutrition in policy writing and competency training and clinical informatics for EHR transitions across the wider health system. Representing CHOC within Mission Hospital, she was a liaison between the two organizations, ensuring pediatric needs were addressed in policy, for JCAHO, CDHP, CMS and CCS and served on the Pharmacy & Therapeutics committee.

Tiffani served as Director of Nutrition and Wellness to the Sapphire Culinary Group and helped to develop the Sapphire at School (SAS) lunch program, serving as chair to its Nutrition Advisory Board. This multidisciplinary group acts as a think tank of physicians, school headmasters, therapists, chefs, business leaders and community groups to create models which will nourish and educate children for a lifetime of well-being.

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