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Timothy C. K. Chou

Dr. Chou began his career at one of the first Silicon Valley startups. He was the first President of Oracle’s multi-billion dollar cloud computing business. Timothy has also been a member of the board of directors of a few public companies since 2000. 

In parallel with his commercial career he has also taught at Stanford University for over thirty years. For fifteen years he taught core computer architecture and only took a break because he had to fly to Bali for a sales kickoff meeting and get back within 36 hours to teach class.  After retiring from Oracle he went back to Stanford and started the first class on cloud computing, CS309A (cs309a.stanford.edu). One of his most notorious students was Dr. Anthony Chang.

Inspired by Anthony he came out of retirement to launch the Pediatric Moonshot.

The mission of the Pediatric Moonshot is to reduce healthcare inequity, lower healthcare costs and improve outcomes for children – locally and globally by creating privacy-preserving real-time applications based on access to data in all 1,000,000 healthcare machines in all 500 children’s hospitals in the world. For more check out a short post at https://medium.com/@timothy-ck-chou/pediatric-moonshot-ac9acd0a2498

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