Using Continuous Temperature Monitoring to Improve Pediatric Outcomes

by Ruth Phillips

Coauthors: John Gannon, Seeking partnerships to explore health economic and outcomes benefits.

Medical Devices & Digital Health

TempTraq is an FDA cleared, wireless continuous temperature monitor. Clinical studies have shown TempTraq temperatures to be in agreement with Pulmonary Artery Catheter. These studies have also shown an ability to identify fever up to a median of 18 hours earlier than Standard of Care in patients with infection. TempTraq captures patient temperature data 8,640 times in a 24 hour period, allowing for predictive fever models to be built within therapeutic areas of interest. Temperature data is captured using a patient’s wireless device and is transmitted via a HIPAA compliant cloud to a web portal clinicians can access on a mobile or desktop device. Temperature alerts empower patients to contact their healthcare provider as well as alert healthcare providers of a change in patient wellbeing.

We are proposing a project to determine the Health Economic and Outcomes benefits of utilizing continuous temperature monitoring, TempTraq, in High Risk pediatric patient populations such as Oncology, Post-Operative Care and Infectious Disease. The project would look at the ability of TempTraq to allow for early discharge, reduction in Emergency Room visits and reduction in hospital admissions. Our hypothesis is that TempTraq will reduce healthcare costs, while improving patient outcomes and satisfaction. We anticipate that recruitment of 40 to 70 patients would be required to achieve a p value of statistical significance. Secondary goals of this project would be to add to a database of temperatures allowing for predictive fever models to be developed within the therapeutic areas of interest as part of a future project.