About iSPI

A Message From The Founder

On a June evening in 2014, a group of innovators from nearly to 20 children’s hospitals from all over the world were invited by the Medical Intelligence and Innovation Institute (MI3) at (CHOC) Children’s. It was the first time that so many innovators dedicated to children convened together. This inaugural gathering promulgated from the successful Pediatrics2040 meeting the year before with close to 500 attendees from over 100 pediatric institutions and organizations.

This two-day meeting was the inception of the International Society for Pediatric Innovation, or iSPI. There are over 500 children’s hospitals around the world, and yet, not many have a robust program for innovation. The vision for iSPI is to assemble all stakeholders passionate about innovation in pediatric healthcare -clinicians, administrators, parents, investors, service providers, philanthropists, and most importantly, patients to function as one large united coalition of innovators and collaborate and to foster innovation around the world to help children.

The future of iSPI will be to continue to convene as one single platform to the exchange of ideas and to collaborate as a coalition of children’s health systems. The iSPI leadership meets on a weekly basis to advance and evolve the value proposition for member health systems. In addition, the vision also includes creating an ecosystem for startups and providers to reduce any potential friction for innovation efforts and concomitantly maximize value and benefit for children.

Innovation for children’s health all over the world is far too important not to pursue and maintain, and we must continue this difficult journey with an infinite mindset for children all over the world.

Anthony Chang, MD, MBA, MPH, MS

“To live our lives with an infinite mindset means that we are driven to advance a cause bigger than ourselves.”

Simon Sinek, speaker and author of The Infinite Game

iSPI Addresses the Unmet Need

iSPI provides a unique forum for pediatric innovation leaders representing hospitals from around the world to come together, exchange ideas, share knowledge, and learn from the collective experience. When it comes to understanding and adopting new innovations, hospitals everywhere will have the same opportunity to benefit from shared wisdom, as we enter an unheralded era of  “exponential convergence”.

Collaboration in Pediatrics

Innovative ideas, disruptive business models, and game changing technologies are emerging at an accelerated rate.

The International Society for Pediatric Innovation (iSPI) was formed to address the unmet need for an open global network focused on innovation leadership. iSPI provides a unique opportunity for pediatric leaders to be at the cutting edge of technological influence and creative energy. Through the exchange of ideas, data, knowledge, and experience, we will be uniquely armed with collective medical intelligence. We’ll share the latest thought leadership and insights to empower hospitals and individuals to leverage emerging innovations. Together let’s improve the future of pediatric health care delivery everywhere. If not us, then who?

At the same time, there is an escalating demand for cheaper and better health care. Taken together, it is becoming increasingly important for hospitals to be aware of emerging innovations, and to understand how best to leverage them to transform healthcare delivery and patient experiences. With the emergence of so many innovative technologies (eg. genomic medicine, regenerative medicine, nanomedicine, medical devices and applications, data analytics and artificial intelligence, and robotics and robotic surgery to name a few), it is impossible for any single organization to independently take on all the challenges of staying current and relevant. Until now, there has been no resource to turn to.