Pediatric Bevel Cloud

The mission is to connect the 1,000,000 healthcare machines in all pediatric hospitals around the world the enable software and data to transform children’s healthcare.
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Project Data Sphere

Our open-access data-sharing platform. The Project Data Sphere® platform provides a place where the world’s research community can broadly share, integrate, and analyze patient-level data from academic and industry cancer clinical trials. Launched in 2014 with nine data sets, the platform currently features about 155 data sets representing more than 120,000 patient lives. Access to data sets is granted through a quick process, and a variety of SAS analytic tools are freely available to registered users.

Our collaborative research programs. We manage four programs that explore leading issues in oncology using machine learning tools and big data analytics. Each program is led by a Project Data Sphere staff member who assembles targeted task forces comprising notable members of industry, academia, and regulatory science. Biannual symposia co-hosted with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration provide a rich forum in which to take a deep dive into the work of these task forces.

Call for Participation. Register now for full access to our datasets and powerful SAS® tools, or to share your data. Registration is quick and easy. There are no fees, and no research proposal is required.


ABAIM- American Board of Artificial Medicine in Medicine

ABAIM is a nonprofit multidisciplinary advisory group of domain experts formed to provide educational content and certification examinations for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine. The ABAIM AI in Medicine Review Course is a comprehensive, two-day course on basic concepts in artificial intelligence in clinical medicine and healthcare designed by a team of clinician-data scientists as well as clinicians with an AI focus and data scientists who are involved in healthcare.

PedsGuide App

PedsGuide: Pediatric Decision Support helps health care providers and emergency services personnel make diagnostic and/or treatment decisions for children facing acute illness. Users have access to step-by-step management recommendations for different acute illness scenarios that incorporate the most up-to-date evidence and expert opinion.

For health care providers seeking to request a consult from Children’s Mercy, PedsGuide features a quick-call feature to contact emergency medicine physicians or the Children’s Mercy Emergency Medical Transport Team.