Empowering Children with NanoPatch: Redefining Medication Delivery for All

by Emily Phan

Coauthors: I would like to extend my gratitude to Dr. Taraman, Debra Beauregard, and Tiffani Ghere for continuously advocating for MI4 interns to apply to the abstract competition. Without their enthusiasm for this event, I would have never found out about it! I would also like to thank my peer, Ryan Huynh, for helping me construct this idea and helping me to revise it.


Despite recent advances in designing transdermal systems to enhance drug absorption and reduce adverse effects, the delivery process still suffers from shortcomings, such as poor cutaneous penetration, inconsistency in drug delivery, and skin tolerance. Some people that might benefit from this product include children with chronic diseases who require daily treatment with multiple medications and individuals who find it challenging to administer daily medications and misremember dosages. Simply apply the patch every week and be assured of receiving the correct dosage of their medications, reducing healthcare costs and user error.

The development approach towards inventing the NanoPatch transdermal drug administration technique comprises a series of critical measures and constituents. NanoPatch's nanoneedles diffuse drugs in a well-regulated method as each patch consists of about 100-200 specially designed carbon nanotubes shaped with tapered tips. These “needles” are dexterously layered using polyethylene glycol to prevent discomfort, and their exceptional size (40-50 nm) allows them to puncture through the stratum corneum and remain embedded within the epidermis region for effective medication absorption. Furthermore, to limit inflammation or redness caused by sticky surfaces of patch material, its adherence properties will contain nano-sized iron oxide particles as reinforcement against adverse impacts such as friction from soap, water, or even cosmetic substances to ensure easy usability without complications. This attribute permits children to continue their daily routines without worrying about damaging the patch. Our approach towards drug absorption enhances effectiveness by combining nanoparticles of chitosan that expedite absorption progression, hence prolonged controlled release over numerous days, making it safe for utilization purposes. The additional use of gold nanoparticles is essential for NanoPatch's efficacy, as they facilitate monitoring changes in temperature and pH levels within the skin. This functionality enhances drug delivery to targeted areas and mitigates potential side effects like inflammation or pain. Furthermore, microfiltration membranes are utilized to separate drugs from hydrogel base materials that generate microporous layers. These serve as a barrier against bacterial absorption while preventing drug leakage during administration.

The NanoPatch innovation aims to minimize the drawbacks children face under therapy or have many medications prescribed. Children afflicted with neurological disorders and chronic sicknesses should be able to enjoy their childhood without worrying about taking medicines at regular intervals, as the patch would be responsible for doing it passively. With its unique design, NanoPatch simplifies the administration of drugs, obviating the need for pill bottles while creating new avenues that enable kids to engage in routine activities without interruption, thereby allowing them more freedom. This also helps parents as they no longer constantly worry when they plan outdoor trips accompanied by medication schedules or forgetfulness. NanoPatch ensures every child deserves an ordinary, healthy life with minimum disruptions. The benefits of NanoPatch's convenience are significant to patients and caregivers, making it an exceptional solution for all concerned individuals.