Enhancing transition to practice training: Development of a formalized comprehensive Advanced Practice Provider Preceptor Development Program to incentivize and support preceptor development.

by Melanie Reynolds

Coauthors: Jessica Klaristenfeld


Preceptors are an integral component to successful Advanced Practice Provider (APP) education and transition to practice. Currently, there is a preceptor shortage impacting the students and new hires entering our profession and facilities. The top barriers to precepting identified in literature, surveys and needs assessments are lack of education/training, development, and role clarity. Additionally, preceptor educational programs and resources have been shown to increase preceptor support, prepare them for the role, and incentivize them to precept.

At a freestanding academic children’s hospital APP preceptor development and support has been a point of focus. In this session learners will understand the components needed to design and implement a comprehensive, interdisciplinary APP Preceptor Development Program (APP-PDP). This program incorporates evidence-based strategies to teach diversity, equity and inclusion practices, multimodal adult learning principles, leadership and human skills to prepare confident and willing preceptors.