Alberto Tozzi

Head of Multifactorial and Complex Diseases Research Area

Bambino Gesu Children’s Hospital

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Alberto Tozzi

Alberto Tozzi is a distinguished pediatrician and epidemiologist renowned for his expertise in vaccines and his contributions to the surveillance and prevention of infectious diseases. With over 15 years of dedicated research at the Italian National Public Health Institute, he has focused extensively on developing effective vaccination strategies. Throughout his career, he has collaborated closely with esteemed organizations such as the World Health Organization and the European Centers for Disease Control in their joint efforts to combat infectious diseases worldwide.

In 2004, Dr. Tozzi transitioned to the Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital, assuming key roles in the prevention of infectious diseases, telemedicine, and innovation in pediatrics. Currently, he serves as the Head of the Predictive and Preventive Medicine Research Unit, where his work revolves around pioneering projects that explore the integration of artificial intelligence into pediatric medicine and the advancement of related training initiatives. Notably, as a corresponding member of the Pontifical Academy for Life, Dr. Tozzi actively addresses the ethical implications of technological advancements in the field of pediatrics. His involvement in this institution showcases his commitment to the responsible and conscientious application of technology in healthcare. Additionally, Dr. Tozzi currently holds the position of President of the International Society for Pediatric Innovation, further demonstrating his leadership and dedication to fostering innovation and progress in pediatric healthcare on a global scale.

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