Kathy VanEnkevort

Industry Leader, US Health & Life Sciences


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Kathy VanEnkevort

Kathy VanEnkevort serves as Microsoft’s Industry Leader for US Health & Life Sciences.  A member of the leadership team, VanEnkevort provides expertise for Microsoft’s work in the experience revolution, empowering our front-line workers, creating resiliency in operations, discovering new and essential advancements for health, and leveraging tech & AI to do human at scale—to include the latest in immersive technologies and generative AI to reshape & reinvent the healthcare industry.

VanEnkevort is a Clinical Epidemiologist with 25 years of experience in the planning and operations of the ecosystem. Her focus to date has been in healthcare transformation— bridging the gap between what we know and what we do to end unnecessary waste, suffering, inequity, and friction. Her goal:  enable the creation of resilient, responsive, and agile systems of innovation to palpably improve the health of our communities.

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