Sherry Farrugia

Chief Executive Officer

Global Center for Medical Innovation (GCMI)

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Sherry Farrugia

I am a self proclaimed evangelist and advocate for children’s safety and health.

Serial entrepreneur with over 30 years experience in the health industry; Skilled at raising money, building rock star teams, launching companies, and getting it done! Currently the CEO of The Global Center for Medical Innovation (GCMI) a non profit focusing on medical device testing, training, development, and commercialization.

Highly regarded by my peers as both a strategic thinker and doer, someone who connects the dots, and successfully articulates (consider myself a storyteller) and operationalizes a strategy – reputation is one of someone who gets the job done by reaching across the aisle, finding common ground, and building strong and collaborative teams.

Highly skilled in developing, growing, and managing public-private partnerships. Spending a lifetime doing this has resulted in perfecting my mediation and conflict resolution skills. (next job – negotiating world peace)

Built my career around exceeding expectations by forging highly successful strategic relationships, and over-delivering. I believe everything is about relationships and it starts with doing what you say you are going to do – keeping your word.

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