What Is It?
Looking for guidance and funding to help your early stage medical device novel innovation get to a ‘minimally viable prototype’? Baby SharQ Tank wants to help you. A team of pediatric physicians and surgeons along with a skilled engineering team focused on medtech device design and development, are collaborating with GCMI to help pediatric proceduralists and entrepreneurs who may have a device idea or a solution for an unmet clinical need in pediatric healthcare with potential to make it a viable business opportunity. The winning team will receive guidance and in-kind funding from generous sponsors to take the idea to the next level and see if it can be made a reality for future funding opportunities.

Apply Today:
Tell us about your medical device novel innovation idea: Share a one page overview of your Med Tech innovate idea, what need does it meet in the pediatric healthcare and if you were awarded the Baby SharQ Tank funds and guidance, what would you envision the ‘next level’ and ‘de-risking’ of your idea would mean next? Email your submission to info@devices.net – in subject line indicate: Baby SharQ Tank and Team Name

On July 1, 2021, six selected submissions will be invited to pitch their idea as semi-finalists on July 15th (optional date July 16th). The semi-finalists will be asked to pitch to Baby SharQ Tank providing the following information within a 10 minutes timeframe:

  • Problem
  • Solution
  • IP or competitive advantage
  • Competitive matrix
  • Addressable market
  • Goal and Objectives
  • Team

Judging of Submissions:
The baby shark tank will be judged on the ability to solve an unmet need and funds will be beneficial to iterate the idea/device/technology.

Open to pediatric proceduralists or entrepreneurs with at least one resident living in the state of Georgia or early stage companies registered in the state of Georgia with a medical technology innovative idea that serves the pediatric community (will it need it need a FDA regulatory assessment?). One submission per team and if multiple submissions are received from the same team, the closest submission to the June 15th deadline will be used. Only new projects to GCMI will be considered for submissions.

One award to the finalist who will receive mentorship and up to $30,000 in GCMI in kind services focusing on medical technology innovation for pediatric healthcare. (see GCMI Design and Development services)

About the Global Center for Medical Innovation:
Our mission is to accelerate the development, testing, training and commercialization of innovative medical products that improve quality-based outcomes and delivery of healthcare for patients.

Other Benefits for the Winning Submission: Growing the pipeline of commercialized research and technology that is developed in the Atlanta ecosystem; meet other pediatric-focused companies with whom to share ideas and collaborate; acquire first hand knowledge of the earliest stage of developing technologies within the Atlanta ecosystem; identify subject matter experts (clinicians and scientists) who can be engaged by companies.

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