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Join us in March for our next spotlight with an expert panel on the latest use cases and advancements in AI for Pediatrics!

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ISPI Workgroups

Our workgroups offer collaborative opportunities amongst fellow healthcare leaders on a specific area of need. Join or start one today!

iSPI Nurse Innovator Workgroup

Are you a nurse who is interested in innovation? Are you looking to collaborate with other nurses throughout the iSPI network? Sign up today to join!


XR Workgroup

Are you interested in XR and mixed media? Are you looking to see how other hospitals are using XR at their institutions or want to collaborate on projects?

Wearables Workgroup

The iSPI-Wearable Workgroup aims to increase use of wearable and non-invasive biosensors for children and those with congenital diseases. This includes clinical, research, and quality improvement uses; helping identify how to improve the patient, parent, caregiver, and clinician experience; and foster development of novel biosensors for children.


2024 iSPI Spotlights:

  • February 22
  •  March 21
  • July 18


iSPI Spotlights

Join us for our recurring series of virtual events on relevant topics to pediatric innovation! iSPI Spotlight events are open to everyone. Just fill out the form below to receive an invite!

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Innovative ideas, disruptive business models and game changing technologies are emerging at an accelerated rate. At the same time, there is an escalating demand for cheaper and better health care.

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