The International Society for Pediatric Innovation believes that children deserve innovation in the care they receive. ISPI was formed to meet the unmet need for an open global network focused on innovation leadership to create maximum impact and change in the way we care for pediatric patients.

iSPI Nurse Innovator Workgroup Interest Form

Are you a nurse who is interested in innovation? Are you looking to collaborate with other nurses throughout the iSPI network? Let us know!


Why be part of iSPI

Innovative ideas, disruptive business models and game changing technologies are emerging at an accelerated rate. At the same time, there is an escalating demand for cheaper and better health care.

  • Have your finger on the pulse of what’s new and emerging
  • Streamline the process of innovation by working together
  • Be part of the development of pediatric innovation

Are you interested in XR and mixed media? Are you looking to see how other hospitals are using XR at their institutions or want to collaborate on projects?

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